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Essence by The-Unstableone Essence :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 2 0 Inept by The-Unstableone Inept :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 0 Remorse by The-Unstableone Remorse :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 0 0 The Human Reality by The-Unstableone The Human Reality :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 0 0 The Differences and the Vague by The-Unstableone The Differences and the Vague :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 0 2 A Means For Peace by The-Unstableone A Means For Peace :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 0
Refusal of Nomenclature
ashes in your mouth
With shame and guilt you can't spit out
At least this is the way I hope you will become
in petty games of youth we learned to spot the difference
Look past things and vague appearances
Well it is not quite the same in average
Its normal to Ignore the ruffles in human nature
To throw out any different idea of a nomenclature
to label anything abormal as wrong
Then you move on ignorantly, head strong
I know you still have my memory
You can't forget by only ignoring me
Ashes in your mouth I will become
In petty games we learned to spot the differences, Look past all the shit
Well I am doing quite the opposite myself, I am starting to state all of it
I refuse to be just another part of the average.
You know, I wish I could take this poem away
I have so many things to say
Like I miss you
:iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 6
Band around his Wrist
On his wrist he wore a band of iron
Around this band were loops embedded
On each loop a key did sit heavily, almost as if sodden
Some new and others rusted auburn
On this band close welded
One may wonder what these keys open
His face a reflection of this band
A gaunt and tired but cheerful old man
On his face a weathered smirk
made possible by time, trials, and work
Yet whenever this man looked at the form on his wrist
He would grow an almost solemn look
As his eyes followed the grooves
Locks far gone he dearly missed
The essence behind each he already took
Time passing is something any human reproves
Yet there lie new keys and new locks to explore
received recently with no clue what they are for
Just a possibility for exploration
Maybe something beautiful for adoration
Exciting as these possibilities may be
He will never forget the extra keys
That dangle useless around his wrist
From the locks that he could not see
And from locks that in his mind he sees
Locks far gone he dearly misse
:iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 0 1
Itch Itch Itch Itch
Itching eyes
Taint despise
Makes everything so much harder
Yet excessive adoration
Causing skin irritation
Rubbing your eyes with a wish to become a martyr
So maybe the world can't be from your dreams?
Who says you have to be in this world?
One is always better if you can't have two
And it isn't like you can start a thing anew
So what are you going to do?
Getting a little too brutal with those eyes
Too much thinking of times gone by
After all it was a great affliction you went through
So close your eyes one last time
The irritation will go away soon
There is only two outcomes now
The scratching becomes more than damaging or you see your doom
:iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 0
CMM Model Shaving Cream by The-Unstableone CMM Model Shaving Cream :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 1 CMM Model Screwdrivers by The-Unstableone CMM Model Screwdrivers :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 1 CMM Model VitoWash by The-Unstableone CMM Model VitoWash :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 3 Crust CMM model by The-Unstableone Crust CMM model :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 9
Observation 113
She opened her eyes and looked around
Breathing in and embracing what's found
Black and white not acceptable in this tale
Lack of open mind? In finding the meaning you will fail.
If you understand, let me continue
She awoke awkwardly, but renewed.
She could not decipher what was felt
So into other thoughts she started to melt
It was so much easier for her to find her way
Through the paths of her mind, her destination could sway
Each fork was endless possibilities
All which lacked her past tendencies.
A depressed soul she used to be
"It" could never look up, only darker it would see
Here in this new thought pattern was right
In her mind, anyways, it was pure light.
Others do not agree
It's the past that they see.
Fortunately "it" knew very few
So when she awoke she could enter society anew.
What are the details I am leaving behind?
Be careful of your curiosity, you may not like what you find
Different than even the most drastic transformations
There is a reason she keeps from herself so
:iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 0
Happy Holidays by The-Unstableone Happy Holidays :iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 1 2
Chameleon, Defective
I got a discolored outside
Matches not my inside
Ripples turn to tides
Not safe enough to ride
My actions, a mind of their own
Something which i cant take back or atone
Yet Still connected in the life i roam
Permanent pages in this raw honest tome
Defective ways of communication
Burn bridges, prevent relations
So i find ways of sedation
To stop my minds complications
I'm a big contradiction
I should say something, but nothing i mention
I keep my tongue in detention
A painful self relention
Bar the days long before
The days that seem like ancient lore
I dont know what my actions are for
By them my desires are ignored.
:iconthe-unstableone:The-Unstableone 0 1


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